Break down data silos

Take your data out of spreadsheets and silos and tap into omnichannel insights to better understand campaigns across channels and the business that comes with it. With a combined set of campaign costs, clicks and views, you have a complete picture of your advertising in one single place.


Focus on the metrics that matter

Dive deep into marketing performance with a granular view of your campaign data, customized and enriched the way you want it. Our data loader engine is built to seamlessly handle, clean, segment, and combine data from any source. Fully flexible to meet your KPIs.


Take truly data-driven actions

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheet formulas and manual data imports prone to errors. All your data is extracted, processed and validated automatically, enabling you to create accurate and up-to-date reports. Thanks to a dynamic data flow, you can instantly compare results, identify what brings the most revenue, and find opportunities you never thought existed.


Skip your internal IT department

Cut down the time, costs, and brain power used to gather your marketing data by involving the IT department. Intelligent pre-built connectors provide you with instant access to campaign performance across sources and channels. So you always know when and how your campaigns drive conversion and generate leads.

How it works

01. Extract

All your campaign performance data is automatically extracted from any advertising platform. You no longer have to manually log in and download reports, we do all the heavy lifting.

02. Transform

Data is automatically processed and delivered in the correct format for your analytics platform or data warehouse.

03. Load

Enjoy a complete overview of your data in one single place. Load it to your analytics platform or data warehouse and watch your ROI increase!


Full data breakdown

Break down data on any dimension to get the same granularity as your tracking data using custom dimension or eVars

URL parameter extraction

Extract and employ any URL parameters from campaigns, ads or even tracking templates

Cross-channel performance analysis

Calculate customized ROI from any individual or combined social and search sources

Extensive connector library

Tap into a vast collection of highly-tested and continuously maintained data connectors

Custom sources

Data loading tailored to your needs from any FTP, cloud source, or email attachments

24/7 import supervision

Continuous monitoring of all data transfers to ensure the smoothest flow

Tracking code segmentation

Split tracking codes into any individual dimensions

Full API integration

Enjoy complete access to any dimension or metric available from the API of a data source

Automatic currency conversion

Drive ROAS precision with accurate, up-to-date European Central Bank exchange rates

Combine and load

Gather, merge, and load data from multiple sources into one complete data set

Data segmentation

Split data by any dimension, and load it into separate data sets


Personalized onboarding

Get up and running quickly with onboarding tailored your needs.

24/7 support

Learn how to leverage Accutics to its full potential.

Industry insights

Stay ahead of the marketing curve with relevant insights.


See your business and marketing data outside the box.

Best practices

Gain a competitive edge and build marketing expertise.

Ongoing training

Tap into the full potential of the Accutics family of products.

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